High-Definition 3D Laser Scanning

Frontier elevates the standards again by being one of the few land survey companies providing High-Definition 3D Laser Surveying (HDS), offering tremendous benefit to users requiring ultra-accurate spatial datasets and 3D imagery of complex environments. Typical uses include measuring as-built conditions and construction QA (quality assurance), documenting historical structures, analyzing building deformation and movement, topographic surveys, supporting accident investigations, and emergency response planning.

Frontier Surveying utilizes Leica’s® advanced, ultra-high-definition 3D laser scanning equipment. Laser scans are incredibly fast and precise. Images are created from millions of scan points that are measured with tremendous accuracy. The scans can produce very high quality survey files, videos, and even 3D animated computer models. They are easy to read, and very useful in presentations to non-technical audiences.

Engineers can use 3D scans to understand real-world conditions in complex as-built industrial environments. Construction companies and architects can use them for quality assurance, site planning, and renovations. Even insurance companies have realized the benefits in recreating accident scenes. Contact Frontier for a demonstration. 



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