National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)

Martin County, Texas

Scope of Work: The NRCS employed Frontier Surveying to prepare a conservation easement to protect the natural wildlife in a wetland pond from drilling that was being conducted in the area.

Principal Elements and Special Features: Frontier was required to follow very detailed client and government specifications and requirements in preparing the conservation easement area. The specifications required the use of 6-1/2 foot t-posts placed at exactly every 500 feet, and specific size and weight of bolts.

Relevance: The project demonstrates Frontier’s ability to complete an environmental protection project quickly, while meeting the stringent requirements of a governmental agency.

Oil and Gas Lease Work - Carrizo

South Texas

Scope of Work: Oil and gas lease work to establish original land grant lines. During the process, Frontier identified the potential for unclaimed parcels on state land, and engaged Licensed State Land Surveyors to assist. Over several months, Frontier and the LSLS brought the two questionable blocks together by conducting field research that followed the footsteps of the original land grant and located any and all physical markers placed since the 1800s. The final report confirmed there were no vacant parcels.

Principal Elements and Special Features: Conducted research on general land office documents, developed boundary sketches, and reviewed all title documents and details. Identified discrepancy between the ground boundaries and the title document intentions. Working with the land office and their documents, searched the ground and recorded all physical elements to assist the parties in making appropriate conclusions.

Relevance: This project illustrates Frontier’s ability to work with 3rd party LSLS entities to successfully complete a project. Frontier’s preliminary research surfaced potential title issues, and the company took action with the LSLS to identify and resolve specific issues.

Packery Channel Ebb Shoal and Beach Profile Surveys

Corpus Christi, Texas

Scope of Work: The scope of work is in support of the TAMU-CC monitoring effort for the opening of the Packery Channel Inlet, located in Nueces County near Corpus Christi, Texas. All work was located in and along the beaches adjacent to the channel and inlet intersecting the Gulf of Mexico. The survey work included four ebb shoal surveys, one “event" driven ebb shoal survey, and one beach profile survey. The beach profile survey consisted of 18 detailed profiles at locations specified by previous surveys.

Principal Elements and Special Features: Beach survey, surf zone survey, hydrographic survey to depth-of-closure, and ebb shoal survey. This survey required detailed transects and cross transects at 100-foot spacing to map the sea floor in the area of interest.

Relevance: This project demonstrates Frontier’s ability to provide accurate and timely data on ongoing research projects. It highlights Frontier’s work ethic in dealing with weather issues and working during less-than-ideal conditions to provide surveys in the time frame required.

Eagle Ford Pipeline

Dimmit County, Texas

Scope of Work: This 30-mile pipeline project consisted of a preliminary route survey, boundary survey for Right-of-Way acquisition, staking, and as-built survey of the 16-inch pipeline. Frontier met all of the short timelines given by the client and finished the project before the deadline. All TxDOT permitting needed for road crossings was completed by Frontier’s team.

Principal Elements and Special Features: The proposed route of the pipeline crossed multiple existing pipelines that had to be accurately mapped for route planning. ArcGIS software was utilized to overlay existing pipelines, parcel ownership, terrain, and high-resolution aerial photo base data to map the most efficient route for the pipeline. Frontier’s GIS and pipeline divisions were critical components for this project. Alignment sheets with pipeline depths and horizontal locations were the final deliverables.

Relevance: This project, located in the Eagle Ford Shale Play, was a short drive from Frontier's South Texas headquarters. It illustrates the strategic geographic location that Frontier occupies. It allowed Frontier to reduce the field-to-finish times and to keep client costs down.

Naval Station Ingleside - ALTA Survey and GIS

Ingleside, Texas

Scope of Work:As part of the Department of Defense’s Base Realignment and Closure, Naval Station Ingleside, Texas was closed in April of 2010. Located on the north shore of Corpus Christi Bay, the site is strategically located to serve as a deep-water port for offshore drilling services.

Principal Elements and Special Features:Frontier was contracted to complete an ALTA survey of the 800-acre facility. Frontier mined existing Naval Base GIS data the U.S. Navy collected prior to closure. Data was uploaded to mobile GIS devices and used to assist field crews in completing a detailed, comprehensive boundary survey. Field teams rapidly and accurately mapped and attributed the facility’s dense infrastructure including buildings, roads, and all above ground improvements. Hydrographic surveys were completed along the bulkhead that fronts the intercoastal waterway. Frontier calculated the volume of dredge material needed to deepen the site to accommodate deep-draft ships. The field information was ported to GIS databases accessed via a secure, cloud-based web portal. The database, maintained by Frontier, is used as a planning and asset management tool.

Relevance:This project illustrates our capabilities to quickly collect, aggregate, and analyze voluminous amounts of surface and sub-surface data, and make it available via secure, web-based GIS applications.

Bullard Oil Pipeline - EnCana Oil and Gas

Hill County, Texas

Scope of Work: EnCana Oil and Gas (USA) Inc. employed Frontier to survey surface tracts, hazards, utilities, proposed pipeline route, and as-built survey for the Bullard pipeline in Hill County, Texas. This project involved 10 separate surface tracts and spanned four miles in length.

Principal Elements and Special Features: Warranty Deeds with metes and bounds descriptions were obtained from the Hill County Clerk’s office and were used to create working sketches for locating the property boundaries of the various surface tracts the pipeline would cross. A centimeter level, survey-grade GPS was used in real-time Kinematic mode to locate and tie in property corners, hazards, utilities, and fences. This information was then used to resolve surface boundaries and plan a route for the proposed pipeline. The proposed pipeline was staked on the ground including permanent and temporary easements. Once information was collected in the field, construction alignments, exhibit plats, and road profile permit plats were generated in CAD. As the pipeline was being constructed, a field crew performed an as-built survey of the pipeline in order to document the pipeline’s location, elevation, heat and x-ray numbers, and depth of cover.

Relevance: This project illustrates Frontier’s ability to work in varied locations throughout the state and adhere to client specific requirements.

FEMA Floodplain - Topographic Survey: Oso Creek

Tributaries in Nueces County, Texas

Scope of Work: This project includes obtaining channel cross-sections, obtaining the physical dimensions of hydraulic and flood control structures, and identifying or establishing elevation reference marks along Oso Creek and its tributaries. Field survey data was collected for detailed study stream reaches along the course of the river from the mouth to the furthest upstream reach.

Principal Elements and Special Features: Data included measuring hydraulic widths and sizes of dams, bridges and other obstructions, as well as measuring the depth of river bottoms. The topographic portion was completed with GPS-RTK and conventional surveying, and the channel hydrographic portion was completed with GPS-RTK and leveling methods. The survey points were delivered in txt format arranged in PNED order for input into FEMA’s Wise software database.

Relevance: This project demonstrates Frontier’s ability to collect and provide accurate survey data while adhering to very specific deliverables required to satisfy the contract.

Submerged Structure Survey

Port of Corpus Christi, Texas

Scope of Work:This project was in support of the preparation of plans and specifications for the removal of a portion of the dock near Cargo Dock 10. Additional mooring structures are proposed for the area, and the structure may pose a hazard to dock lines and construction in the area. A Mesotech scanner was utilized to determine if the structure was intact and the amount of debris behind the structure. Side-scan sonar was utilized to locate and show the orientation of the structure and overall condition. Deliverables included processed data and a report for inclusion in the bid package.

Principal Elements and Special Features:Single beam echo sounder survey for depths, Mesotech scanning for areas inaccessible by side-scan, side-scan sonar survey for general area. This site is within the inner harbor at Corpus Christi and coordination with the harbormaster, U.S. Coast Guard, and port police are required. All data was geo-referenced to the Port’s existing survey control.

Relevance: This project attests Frontier’s ability to collect sonar data in and around docks and submerged structures. Coordination with security, the harbormaster, and work in an active harbor were important aspects of this survey.

Elmer’s Island Emergency Stabilization Project

Caminada Pass, Louisiana

Scope of Work: This project was in support of the emergency stabilization of a breach in Elmer’s Island caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Detailed cross-sections beginning on the mainland and extending across the shallow bay, island, and into the Gulf of Mexico were required. Horizontal control was based on local NGS control points. Vertical control utilized benchmarks updated in the Louisiana height modernization project.

Principal Elements and Special Features: Beach survey, surf zone survey, hydrographic survey to depth-of-closure, shallow bay survey, and island survey. This survey required deployment to Louisiana in a storm-damaged area. Rapid response time was crucial to this project.

Relevance: This project illustrates Frontier’s ability to respond rapidly and deploy to any location along the Gulf of Mexico. Frontier’s portion of the project was completed within the 30 days allotted from notice-to-proceed.

Topographic Survey - Cedar Bayou

Cedar Bayou, Aransas County, Texas

Scope of Work: This project was in support of the dredging and re-opening of Cedar Bayou, a natural pass between San Jose and Matagorda Islands. Detailed cross-section surveys were completed from the dune line to the depth-of-closure and out to 2,500 feet from the shoreline. The upland portion of the survey was completed with GPS-RTK; the surf zone completed with GPS-RTK on a sled; and the hydrographic survey was completed with a single beam echo sounder.

Principal Elements and Special Features: Beach survey, surf zone survey, hydrographic survey to depth-of-closure, natural channel survey. Access to this remote site was limited on the island side to shallow-water boats. The survey offshore was coordinated with the land crew and departed from different access ramps. There is no direct land access. Coordination with local guides and landowners was necessary to complete the project. Horizontal and Vertical control was established using Static GPS methods.

Relevance: This project proves Frontier’s ability to collect and provide accurate geo-referenced data across natural channels, on a remote beach, through the surf zone, and to depth-of-closure offshore.

Cadastral / Parcel Mapping - City of Port Aransas

Port Aransas, TX

Scope of Work: This project consisted of the retracement and resurvey of 1,400 parcels of land out of the Mustang Island State Tracts. An exhibit of each parcel was produced to patent to the City of Port Aransas for the purpose of mitigation. GPS-RTK was used for the majority of the boundary surveying.

Principal Elements and Special Features: The original Mustang Island State Tracts were resurveyed and retraced to their original locations. All interior subdivisions by Aransas Holding Company had to be reconstructed. The Corpus Christi Channel littoral boundary was surveyed to determine number of undeveloped tracts lost to erosion.

Relevance: This project demonstrates Frontier’s ability to manage large multi-parcel projects in areas that are sensitive to the public and environment. It demonstrates Frontier’s ability to produce plats and descriptions for processing by the General Land Office of Texas.

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